[fpc-pascal] Assigning string constant to a WideString and the Format function

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 13:44:54 CET 2015

Here is a minimal program, it doesn't work as I expected either because 
there is a bug somewhere in the RTL, or, more probably, I misunderstood 
Basically, I am reading an UTF-8 encoded text from stdin, and collecting 
it in a WideChar array. I am assigning UTF-8 string to a WideString, and 
then collecting chars from it into the mentioned array.
Then I am using a SetString procedure to recreate the WideString from 
collected chars.
Here is a simple program which demonstrates this:

program a;
{$mode delphi}

uses SysUtils;

   U: UTF8String;
   S, W: WideString;

   U := 'Hello';
   W := U;
   SetString(S, @W[1], Length(W));
   W := Format(WideString('%s'), [S]);

Dňa 23. 12. 2015 o 17:29 Mark Morgan Lloyd napísal(a):
> Lubos Pintes wrote:
>> Hello Mark,The result isthe same, I tried it before I wrote my
>> message.I even tried to temporarily write ordinal codes of characters,
>> it seems that a string is not automatically converted to a WideString
>> when assigned, there wereno zeros, like H#0e#0l#0, etc.
>> Dňa 23. 12. 2015 o 11:07 Mark Morgan Lloyd napísal(a):> Lubos Pintes
>> wrote:>> Hello,>> I have a text in the WideString variable. I want to
>> send this text to>> a SAPI5 synthesizer. I am doing this as follows:>>
>> WideStr := Format('<pitch absmiddle="%d">%s</pitch>', [Pitch,
>> Text]);>> Pitch is integer, Text is WideString.>> The result is
>> incorrect, only a half of the Text contents is copied to>> the
>> result.>> Tested with Free Pascal Compiler version 3.1.1 [2015/11/14]
>> for i386>> Thanks>> What happens if the format string is put into a
>> temporary widestring?>
> I suggest posting a *minimal* test program would be appropriate, and
> telling us exactly what OS etc. you've got.

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