[fpc-pascal] Target Win32 missing

Lukas Gradl fpc at ssn.at
Mon Dec 7 00:04:51 CET 2015


Sorry to disturb anyone... Perhaps I just need a little bit more  
sleep, but I cant find a solution to my problem...

When calling fpc from linux command line -Twin32 is missing. -TWin64  
works as expected.

Where did -Twin32 go?

I'm using Debian jessie x86_64 as main OS.

I compile fpc from the latest trunk sources with a script I wrote once.
Basically it does (among a few other things and platforms):

make all FPC=/usr/lib/fpc/2.6.4/ppcx64
sudo make install PREFIX=/usr FPC=/usr/lib/fpc/2.6.4/ppcx64
make clean
make crossall CPU_TARGET=i386 OS_TARGET=win32
sudo make crossinstall CPU_TARGET=i386 OS_TARGET=win32 PREFIX=/usrmake clean
make clean
make crossall OS_TARGET=win64
sudo make crossinstall OS_TARGET=win64 PREFIX=/usr

When calling fpc it shows under section -T
   -T<x>  Target operating system:
       -Tdarwin   Darwin/Mac OS X
       -Tfreebsd  FreeBSD
       -Tiphonesim  iPhoneSimulator
       -Tlinux    Linux
       -Tnetbsd   NetBSD
       -Topenbsd  OpenBSD
       -Tsolaris  Solaris
       -Twin64    Win64 (64 bit Windows systems)

but no win32. And trying to compile results in "Error: Illegal  
parameter: -Twin32".

Any hint what I'm doing wrong?


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