[fpc-pascal] I-Pascal: IDE based on IntelliJ platform

George Bakhtadze armorcavalry at narod.ru
Fri Aug 21 01:07:13 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I-Pascal  is  an  IDE  (mainly code editor) for Object Pascal based on
IntelliJ platform. Other products based on the platform includes IDEA,
WebStorm, Android Studio.

The  platform  is built around AST (abstract syntax tree) concept. The
AST is built from code and used for analysis. This approach allows IDE
to  "understand"  code  while  doing  completion,  navigation,  static
analysis etc.

The project's main focus is code: editing, navigation, analysis.

Currently implemented features are:
 . highlighting    for    some    kinds    of    errors    (missing
 . quick fixes for the errors
 . context aware code completion
 . navigation to overridden/descendant methods/classes
 . navigation to super methods/classes
 . PPU/DCU interface decompilation (FPC 2.7.x or above is needed)
 . rename refactoring
 . integration with Free Pascal compiler as well as Delphi compiler
and others.

The project site:

Installation and usage instructions:

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Best regards, George

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