[fpc-pascal] ARM-embedded & Interrupt numbers

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Fri Aug 14 13:54:18 CEST 2015

Jeppe would be the best person to answer your question anyway as he is 
the master of (nearly) all files in the embedded directory.

I just checked, when I created my own units for other devices I included 
those const's, it seems that they never were in Jeppe's files could it 
be that you saw them in lpc11xx.pp ?
To be honest I was 100% sure that I have seen those declarations in 
Jeppe's files, but a quick check in svn showed that those consts 
actually never were there... (or I am blind)

For using Interrupts in your code you do necessarily need them as it is 
good enough to write procedures with the correct name:

procedure SysTick_interrupt; [public, alias: 'SysTick_interrupt'];

but for configuring interrupts in nvic the constants actually could help.


Am 14.08.15 um 13:33 schrieb Marc Santhoff:
> Hi Koenraad,
> On Fr, 2015-08-14 at 09:08 +0200, Koenraad Lelong wrote:
>> Is this the way to do it ? Or is there  better way ? Or does this exist
>> already ?
>> Comments please.
>> If that's a proper way to do this, how could this be included in a next
>> version of fpc ? Do I make a bug-report including the new file, with
>> diffs for the modified files ?
>> How do I make a proper diff ?
> I can't answer your question(s), only want to bring this to your
> attention:
> http://j-software.dk/stm32f103.php
> Maybe you can save some work or find answers in that code.
> HTH,
> Marc

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