[fpc-pascal] which GUI (noob)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Aug 5 23:15:29 CEST 2015

In our previous episode, Ewald said:
> > Second would be a different procedure-block ending from just "end;" though the M2 way
> > of end "procedurename" is unnecessary hard to maintain. end proc; or end
> > function would be just fine. 
> You mean something like Ada?
> while true loop
>     if false then
>         --whatever
>     else
>         --ditto
>     end if;
> end loop;

No, that is what I considered micromanaging, and per saldo worse than
what Pascal does. (IOW Pascal is a problem, but the Ada cure is worse than
the problem). Ada has that tendency a lot.

The sweet spot is what Modula2 did  by only adding to the end of
the procedure block.

Unfortunately, Modula2 ruined it by adding the function name there so it

procedure xxx;

  ... code
end xxx;

which meant that if you renamed the function you had to modify the
procedurename twice, without much added benefit.  That I would want to
avoid, so just "end proc;" or something similar.

> Extra feature: inherent concurrency support. I don't know about classes
> or generics, those will probably be in an newer standard. But who needs
> those?

IMHO generics are more important than concurency. One can get pretty far
without in language concurency and just using them as library concept. But
one can't get typesafe container that way.

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