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Gour gour at atmarama.net
Tue Aug 4 19:03:41 CEST 2015

Martin Schreiber <mse00000-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at public.gmane.org>

> Hi, I am the author of MSEide+MSEgui.


> MSEgui works on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. A port for OSX with X11 backend is 
> probably doable with not much effort. I would prefer to interface to Quartz 
> directly, such a solution needs a sponsor because of the rather big 
> expenditure and I don't need OSX myself.

I also personally do not need OSX neither I used it ever - just would
like to provide, if possible, version of my app for it.

> Though I often read that Mac people never will accept something which is not 
> made and sold by Apple so a toolkit like MSEgui on Mac is useless and Apple 
> tries to lock out "alien" solutions.


Is Windows (e.g. V10) better in this regard?

I plan to write open-source app using Linux/BSD platform so there is no
comercial pressure to have Win/Mac version, just simple convenience.

> MSEide+MSEgui is no Delphi clone, so if you are experienced to work with 
> Delphi and don't like to learn something new you probably would have a hard 
> time with MSEide+MSEgui at the beginning.

No Delphi experience at all…

> If you don't know Delphi or you think that Delphi not necessarily is the only 
> possible way to make a GUI toolkit and IDE, MSEide+MSEgui can be easily 
> learned because of its orthogonal architecture and most things "simply work", 
> also difficult things like visual form inheritance, frames and docking - BTW 
> since many years already.

I’ll check it out.

> I started development of MSEide+MSEgui in 1999 and invested about 20'000 hours 
> up to now. Because of the small team the software architecture, quality and 
> strictness is very good. MSEgui probably is the most versatile GUI toolkit 
> you will find on the market.

What about docs? Someone mentined lack of it.

> License of MSEide is GPL, license of MSEgui is LGPL with static linking 
> exception, so you are free to fork the projects if you don't like my 
> development direction .

I’ll probably have to use some 3rd party C lib which is GPLV2+, so
license is not a problem here.

> MSEide+MSEgui has excellent database support, please take a look in the MSEide 
> component palette tabs 'DB', 'DBe', 'DBl', 'DBf', 'Rep' and 'ifi' .
> Please take the recommendation of tiOPF design patterns by Graeme with a grain 
> of salt, it is not the only possibility to build high quality database 
> applications and he is a little bit biased. ;-)


> Please ask questions about MSEide+MSEgui on the mailing list:

Will visit the place, for sure…

Thank you for your input.

At the end, after deciding to use FPC, there is no more lack of viable
options which was the case before when evaluating other languages. :-)


Perform your prescribed duty, for doing so is better than not 
working. One cannot even maintain one's physical body without work.

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