[fpc-pascal] which GUI (noob)

Peter peter at pblackman.plus.com
Tue Aug 4 17:11:35 CEST 2015

On 03/08/15 15:41, Gour wrote:
> I probably do not need full power of GTK2(3) or Qt toolkit, 

I would advise anyway against using LCL (Qt) on Linux at the moment.
I understand its based on Qt4, and Qt4 is being dropped in favour of
Qt5. At the very least, check how long your distribution will be
supporting Qt4.


I don't think you will get a complete GTK3 in the LCL either at the
moment. Its 'alpha' status according to the wiki.

fpGui, while it has far fewer features, is independent of these widget
sets and their major version transitions.

I suggest, check what features you need. Does fpGui have them?
If not, use LCL-GTK

I have not used Lazarus for a while, but I think you can use it as an
IDE, while using fpGUI as a component set. Perhaps someone can confirm?

MSE stuff has a following, but last time I looked, there wasn’t much
documentation to help get started with it.


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