[fpc-pascal] CRTI.O and CRTN.O not found

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Wed Apr 15 10:16:24 CEST 2015

Marco van de Voort wrote:
> In our previous episode, Anthony Walter said:
>> A user on my forums sent me this message. I've experienced the problem as
>> wee for quite some time. I was wondering if anyone has a universal fix for
>> it yet since it seems to happen so frequently to many people?
> Basically the problem is that files that come with the system (read:
> distribution) are not detected.
> There are two common causes:
> 1. The user didn't install Linux properly, and didn't prepare the system
>    for development. ( installing package "build-essentials" on Debian
> iirc)
> 2. The files are installed but not found. The line to check is the -Fl
>     line in fpc.cfg. This can be a mistake in FPC packaging, or
> build-essentials being installed after FPC, thus the FPC package's detection
> being run while the files were not there yet.
I've seen this on Solaris where the FPC installation script was broken, 
but otherwise the only time it happens is if I move an fpc.cfg file from 
one system to another where the underlying gcc etc. version is different.
Mark Morgan Lloyd
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