[fpc-pascal] Free Pascal Directories

Michael Thompson mike.cornflake at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 17:47:07 CEST 2014

On 30 September 2014 16:27, Philippe <philippe at quarta.com.br> wrote:

> some days before we had same type of thread ...
> the "problem" is
> -Fu is not recursive!

We're programmers.  Creating our own tools for mundane work is not a
"problem" :-)

A few year back at my old company, for Delphi work we developed a small
helper app.  We gave it a root folder, it gave us back a string containing
all sub-folders in a format suitable for pasting into required Library
Paths (going via a intermediate listbox so we could exclude any subfolders
we didn't want - we had folders for docs for instance).  Only needed this
app when configuring a new install of Delphi.

Shouldn't take you long to generate a similar app for automating a string
for -Fu.  :-)

Mike (one of the other ones)
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