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Philippe philippe at quarta.com.br
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some days before we had same type of thread ... 

the "problem" is

-Fu is not recursive! 

Em 30.09.2014 11:07, Michael Van Canneyt

> On Tue, 30 Sep 2014, Brian wrote:
>> Having ported a
large real-time graphical application from Virtual Pascal (DPMI) to Free
Pascal Linux , there is one aspect I haven't managed to overcome. For a
number of reasons Lazarus was not used , and Geany is used as the IDE ,
which works well. Unlike Virtual Pascal which allowed me to put
different code in separate directories , Free Pascal seems to want ALL
unit files in one huge directory which makes it difficult to keep proper
revision control.
> Where did you get this idea from ?
>> For
example if I decide to use fpGUI , I would like to put all the fpGUI
source code into one directory and the actual application (my code) in a
separate directory. Any suggestions ?
> You can perfectly do this,
all my code is scattered over multiple directories.
> All you need to do
is add -Fu options.
> Michael.
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