[fpc-pascal] Is it possible to use top directory of subtree with -Fu -Fi -Fl options?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Mon Sep 29 17:08:41 CEST 2014

On 9/29/2014 5:00 AM, Tony Papadimitriou wrote:
> OK, I think I realized what the problem is.  The * will apparently search in all
> subdirectories but (apparently again) one level deep.  So, if you have something
> like:
> \progs\pascal\units\a
> \progs\pascal\units\a\b
> and you give -Fu\progs\pascal\units\*
> it will look in \progs\pascal\units\a but not in \progs\pascal\units\a\b
> So, is there a way to do this, i.e., specify the 'root' director for your
> units/includes and have it look at all files underneath regardless of nesting
> level?



yeah, that's not "regardless of nesting level" because you have to manually add 
the next level... but i just also had a thought that the last line at your 
maximum level may be all that's needed if each directory represented by a * is 
searched for unit files...

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