[fpc-pascal] Is it possible to use top directory of subtree with -Fu -Fi -Fl options?

Tony Papadimitriou tonyp at acm.org
Mon Sep 29 11:00:26 CEST 2014

OK, I think I realized what the problem is.  The * will apparently search in 
all subdirectories but (apparently again) one level deep.  So, if you have 
something like:


and you give -Fu\progs\pascal\units\*
it will look in \progs\pascal\units\a but not in \progs\pascal\units\a\b

So, is there a way to do this, i.e., specify the 'root' director for your 
units/includes and have it look at all files underneath regardless of 
nesting level?

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> For example, could something equivalent to \progs\pascal\units\* be used
to?  (This I tried, it didn’t work.)

It should. Try compiling with -vt, you'll see how the compiler looks for
files. My fpc.cfg only has single line of -Fu, yet the unit directories are
organized exactly the way your layout looks like. I even works for all my
cross targets as well.

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