[fpc-pascal] Optimal number of threads for SMP

Bernd prof7bit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 18:53:21 CEST 2014

2014-09-15 11:10 GMT+02:00 Xiangrong Fang <xrfang at gmail.com>:
> (hyper-threads)?

If the CPU has hyper threading then these should show up as individual
cores (CPUs). They call a "core" with 2 processors on it a "core" but
each of these "cores" is actually two complete processors (cores in
the conventional meaning of the word) that just share some common
circuitry to speed up some things (and slow down other things).

If you have 2 hyper cores then your operating system should actually
report 4 CPUs (cores) because that is what it actually is if you
remove all the intel marketing terminology, no need to double any
numbers. If it reports 4 CPUs then you have exactly 4 CPUs.

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