[fpc-pascal] with statement using mulltiple objects

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Sat Sep 13 20:13:46 CEST 2014

According to the docs the with statement when used with mulltiple objects
only works with the last parameter.

The statement
With A,B,C,D do Statement;

is equivalent to
With A do
 With B do
  With C do
   With D do Statement;


I thought that if all the objects have the property the statement would
apply to them eg.

with Label1, Label2, Label3 do
  Caption = 'Text'.

I thought all the 3 labels would have the caption set, but only Label3's
caption is set. Is this a difference between Delphi's Object Pascal and
FreePascal, or has Delphi's Object Pascal always worked in the same manner?

Frank Church

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