[fpc-pascal] FPC macros

Tim Blume tim2.blume at web.de
Sat Nov 29 15:03:00 CET 2014


for several Pascal headers for C libraries it would be very nice, when 
macros defined in the interface section would be globally avaible.

E.g. in Assimp there are macros like this:

#define AI_MATKEY_NAME "?mat.name",0,0

Which I translated like this:

{$DEFINE AI_MATKEY_NAME:='?mat.name',0,0}

But since they are not avaible in other units, these translation have to 
be in an external *.inc file, which have to be included in every unit 
want to use these macros. This is quite disgusting imo.

   Tim Blume (End)
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