[fpc-pascal] TurboPower FlashFiler for Free Pascal

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Nov 26 11:55:56 CET 2014

In our previous episode, Tomas Hajny said:
> > *FlashFiler was ahead of its time.* Client/Server database LAN-WAN. I have
> > currently running quite well on Windows 8.1 applications. Worth rescue and
> > do everything possible to port it to Free Pascal.
> Could you please clarify your idea behind this post? Do you have a working
> port to FPC which you offer to others? Or do you announce your intention
> to start working on it? Or do you ask if someone has worked on it already?
> Or...?

(I think he replied on a msg from 2012 on nabble)

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