[fpc-pascal] Type used to specialize a generic

Joao Morais l at joaomorais.com.br
Sun Nov 23 19:15:18 CET 2014

Em 23/11/14 15:49, Sven Barth escreveu:
> Am 23.11.2014 18:11 schrieb "Joao Morais" <l at joaomorais.com.br 
> <mailto:l at joaomorais.com.br>>:
> >
> >
> > Hello list, is there a safe way to know the PTypeInfo, or at least 
> the string literal of the type(s) used to specialize a generic?
> No, you can't.
> There might be something for this in the future, because I'll need 
> something like that myself, but it will be quite some time till then.

Hello Sven, thanks for clarifying this. Saying "quite some time" you 
mean post 2.8? So what about an unsafe way on 2.8? =) A PTypeInfo would 
be *very* nice, but a string anywhere with the type name will also help 
a lot, just like 2.6.x does. Without this trick I cannot use my metadata 
framework with 2.8 :(

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