[fpc-pascal] Use of TSQLite.Query method (sqlite3db unit)

Maurizio Tomasi maurizio.tomasi at outlook.com
Thu Nov 6 14:09:22 CET 2014

Hi to everybody,

   I am developing a small application that retrieves data from a 
SQLite3 file. Currently I am using the TSQLite class found in the unit 

The Query method fills one of its arguments ("Table") with the result of 
the query. Each string in the "Table" variable is a comma-separated 
string containing the values of each column. I find this a bit 
inconvenient, as I have to parse the string in order to get back the 
values of the columns. (The C/C++ SQLite3 library allows to retrieve the 
value of each column separatedly, using the sqlite3_column_*** functions.)

I was not able to find the documentation for TSQLite in the Free Pascal 
manuals. Am I missing something, or is it this the way the class is 
intended to be used?


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