[fpc-pascal] cocoa programming without objective-pascal mode

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Sun Nov 2 15:43:43 CET 2014


Is it possible to do Cocoa GUI programming on Mac/OSX using FreePascal but
without objective-pascal mode/dialect? Just pure object pascal or delphi
mode. How do I access the Cocoa SDK (foundation, appkit, etc) from pascal
code? GUI programming without GUI IDE is fine with me as long as I could
use Cocoa SDK from pascal. I don't want to use Lazarus since it only
supports Carbon (32-bit only) which will be deprecated in the next few
years. It is also breaks one of the most important advantage of FreePascal:
cross platform language.

And, are FreePascal internal libraries (packages) e.g. fcl-web, sql-db,
etc. applicable on Mac/OSX/Cocoa 64-bit platform?

Any hints for those questions are very much appreciated. Thank you.



"I'm an old pascal lover who feels left alone on Apple platform because
FreePascal/Lazarus are no longer Apple friendly like they used to be."
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