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> Hi Dave!
> that's exactly what I was searching for. Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

> One question is left:
> Where can I read the blocksize. Normally it is 512 bytes. But there
> are (newer) devices where there is a different blocksize. Also a CD
> has a different blocksize as far I know.

There are 2 functions in the unit to do that:
get_physical_sector_size() and get_logical_sector_size().

If the disk's sector size is 512 bytes they will give the same answer.
 Likewise, for a CD or DVD they will give the same answer of 2048 bytes.

If a disk has a physical sector size of 4096 bytes, it is up to the
SATA/SAS driver to publish a logical sector size of either 4096 or
512.  I think this configuration is determined when you partition the
drive, where using GPT sets it to 4096 and using DOS-style partition
reverts it to 512 bytes, but this is just my guess -- I don't have a
large disk on which to test.
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