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On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 9:27 AM, Graeme Geldenhuys
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> I would have thought that is exactly what namespaces will be handy for! Or
> at least a popular use-case. Macros Douglas could define a "douglas"
> namespace, and the MSEide+MSEgui project could define a "msegui" namespace.
> Units, Classes or even lines of code should be able to say which namespace
> they are referring too.

Then the John Douglas and Douglas McKey are running into the same issue.
Both guys (while living on different parts of the world) created the same
"douglas" namespace!

Similar to using the same "M" prefix for classes unit.

What option do these three guys would have now? Elevate another the level
of name space?

Is it much different than just extending the prefix "M" to "MFP"?


P.S. Offtopic: I personally find it horrible to call a unit "classes" (it's
fine for RTL, since it's started this way, but any other library - it is
horrible). Nobody calls their units like "functions" or
"functionsandprodures" (though I think I saw unit "funcs" one day), It is
better to give more accurate name of the unit functionality: StrLists,
UnicodeUtils, FileUtls, DateUtils.
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