[fpc-pascal] synapse + ssl on linux ,how to use libc

Tony Whyman tony.whyman at mwasoftware.co.uk
Tue Oct 22 11:28:41 CEST 2013


If you are looking for the FPC unit called "libc", on my system it is
(source code)


 and comes with the warning

unit libc deprecated 'Unportable Kylix legacy unit that only exists on
Linux/x86. see http://wiki.freepascal.org/libc_unit ';

If you are looking for the underlying C library of that name, on my
Ubuntu 12.04 X64 system, its in



Tony Whyman
MWA Software

P.S. Personally, I prefer the Indy components for Internet access.

On 22/10/13 10:14, Dennis Poon wrote:
> I need to use synapse + ssl on linux and it requires libc but I cannot
> locate this unit.
> Can anyone help?
> Also, has anyone used it before? Is it stable?
> I have been using lnet + ssl but it was unstable , so wanted to try
> synapse.
> Any comments are appreciated.
> Dennis
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