[fpc-pascal] FPCUnit tests without Lazarus

luciano de souza luchyanus at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 21:33:07 CEST 2013

Hello all,

FPCUnit is a very good feature to test Pascal applications. At "uses"
clause, it's needed to declare "fpcunit" e "testregistry". It's also
necessary to use the Console Test Runner. Yes, it's a good approach.

Nowever, "fpcunit" is on the FPc core and "TestRegistry" and "console
Test Runner" on the Lazarus units.

On the Lazarus wiki, I have read that it's also possible to test
applications only using "fpcunit". I was interested in this idea. I am
blind and I program only using FPC. As Lazarus units regards to
graphical features, it seems to be that I have no reasons to install
it. If it was possible to use FPCUnit without Lazarus, yes, I really
would like to know how it can be done.

On the wiki, I have read that FPCUnit without Lazarus is a simple
approach. My needs are very simple, so why not to try it?

What do you can say me about FPCUnit without Lazarus? Or more broadly,
which would be your strategy to automatize tests if Lazarus didn't


Luciano de Souza

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