[fpc-pascal] Re: build a compiler for GO32v2 under Windows 8 (or 7)

Philippe philippe at quarta.com.br
Sun Oct 6 01:30:12 CEST 2013


I really assumed that I had to choice between video unit and crt
unit ... 

my old unit which interfaced the video must be updated to be
compiled for win32. 

I already though about to create my window
procedure and my gotoxy procedure ... this way I may not have to make a
lot of changes in my program. 

I missed SetCursorPos ... thanks a lot

My first step, anyway, is to verify it is compiling for win32! ...
later I´ll make more changes and all the adjustments. 


Sat, 5 Oct 2013 22:48:09 +0200, Tomas Hajny wrote: 

> On Sat, October
5, 2013 21:34, Philippe wrote:
>> I am back !!! (a bit sick ... teeth
...) I am now trying to move to win32. At first leaving crt unit, moving
to video unit. Problem!(?) ... I was using window, gotoxy and so on ...
and I don´t find anything similar with video unit!
> First of all,
what do you try to solve by moving from unit Crt to unit
> Video? I
suggested using unit video as a substitution of your original
> direct
access to video adapter memory. Partial alternative of GotoXY
> exists
in unit Video - there is SetCursorPos. However, there is no direct
support for Window and thus the addressing is in absolute coordinates,
> relative to the defined window. Using direct video memory access
> very low-level approach) together with high-level routines like
> etc., is a bit strange. Units Video and Crt are not very
compatible to
> each other at the moment, unfortunately (although the
incompatibility may
> not be as bad on Win32 as on some other
platforms). Nevertheless, you may
> try it. Otherwise, you'd need either
to create your own alternatives of
> Window, etc., based on unit Video,
or to avoid using the solution based on
> directly addressing video
> Tomas
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