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John Lee johnelee0 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 12:13:08 CEST 2013

I didn't _want_ to use 3rd part products - I didn't really have any choice
if I wanted to get something working in a finite time, given the 1000s of
lines of code to try to hack, then test when I don't really understand them
& the fact that there isn't any easy fpc solution.

Thanks all for you help.

On 2 October 2013 09:44, Reinier Olislagers <reinierolislagers at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 01/10/2013 21:44, John Lee wrote:
> > Thanks for all suggestions. IMO fpspread...pas is too complex for & I'd
> > need to hack thro' thousands of lines - maybe a simple program to read
> > xls into csv, as in b) below could be added?.
> <snip totally irrelevant reference to other programming language>
> > Guess one could try to use the excel.dll in te reference in fpc & then
> > access it from fpc
> Good luck with that. I strongly doubt that dll is procedural, so you'd
> have to implement support for C++/.Net (whichever it is) object oriented
> DLL calling conventions/object support.
> > b) using a <10 line vbs program referenced here to create a csv file
> > then getting the data from that
> >
> >
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1858195/convert-xls-to-csv-on-command-line
> >
> > This is the way I'm doing it, running the vbs file from cmd using exec
> > etc, simple if crude!.
> As already indicated multiple times: fpspreadsheet is about the simplest
> code required to read BIFF8 xls files. Of course it can be stripped down
> further from a general purpose library to something that just suits your
> needs.
> You now have indicated multiple times you are not interested in doing
> that. Unfortunately for you, I don't think anybody else is, either.
> You indicated you wanted to use an outdated FPC compiler to do things
> and did not tell you are wililng to use 3rd party tools. Now it turns
> out you do use 3rd party tools.
> As you indicate: why not simply compile an xls=>csv (or whatever)
> converter using a recent FPC+Lazarus+fpspreadsheet and use that, then?
> You *don't* need to hack through 1000s of lines of code for that. The
> examples on the wiki page indicated already show you the code.
> Seems you want others to do all the work for you...
> Alternatively, you could use Lazarus opendocument to let Excel open an
> .xls file with a VBA macro that converts the data to whatever format you
> want, etc.
> Good luck.
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