[fpc-pascal] TBookmark Type Change Status Request

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Nov 18 10:46:15 CET 2013

In our previous episode, Tony Whyman said:
> Does anyone have an update on which release the TBookmark type change
> from pointer to TBytes is going to be rolled out? I have heard that it
> will not now be in 2.6.4.

That is correct. I see now that the deprecated message in the source was
never corrected. The decision was made quite some time ago, and partially
also because there was a lot more involved than I initially thought.

The same division line will also change the buffer type to Pbyte. This can
already be abstracted by using TRecordBuffer as much as possible.

> It's not that I want to use this change, I just want to set a sensible
> (and stable) bit of conditional code to cope with the change.

2.7.0 (2.7.x) is the safe version to make the break. The change happened in
trunk long ago, and anything newer will get a higher number.

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