[fpc-pascal] FPC 2.6.2 for DOS/Go32V2 FP.PAS cannot compile with GDB support

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Sat Nov 9 00:35:01 CET 2013

On Fri, November 8, 2013 22:07, Lubomír Čabla wrote:

Hi Lubomir,

> thank you for your help but I am totally confused and do not know how to
> compile the compiler from snapshot.
> Could you help me, please? Thank you.
> I downloaded fpcbuild.zip, unpacked to Z:\fpcbuild and I got these errors:
> Z:\fpcbuild>make go32v2zip
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe zipinstall OS_TARGET=go32v2
> make.exe[1]: Entering directory `z:/fpcbuild'
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe -C fpcsrc build
> make.exe[2]: Entering directory `z:/fpcbuild/fpcsrc'
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe compiler_cycle RELEASE=1
> make.exe[3]: Entering directory `z:/fpcbuild/fpcsrc'
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe -C compiler cycle
> make.exe[4]: Entering directory `z:/fpcbuild/fpcsrc/compiler'
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe OS_TARGET= CROSSBINDIR= BINUTILSPREFIX=
> STRAP=1 rtlclean rtl
> make.exe[5]: Entering directory `z:/fpcbuild/fpcsrc/compiler'
> z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe -C  clean

No idea. :-( The line should state 'z:/pp/bin/go32v2/make.exe -C
z:/fpcbuild/fpcsrc/rtl clean'. I really don't understand why it misses the
directory name. Does the same happen if you call 'make rtlclean' within
directory fpcsrc\compiler? Anyway, the only way for finding out what's
happening is calling make with additional parameters for makefile
debugging - '--debug=all -p -w --warn-undefined-variables'. If the error
happens also with 'make rtlclean', use those parameters for that call
(between 'make' and 'rtlclean'), otherwise they need to be added to the
'make go32v2zip' call. Note that stderr should be redirected to the same
file as stdout. Make sure to zip the output before sending it (especially
if you intend to send it to the list - uploading it somewhere and sending
just a URL might be a better option), otherwise your post might be held
for approval if your attachment exceeds limit set for this list.

Hope this helps


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