[fpc-pascal] What library would be recommended for creating pdf file (print invoices)

Adrian Maier syraxes at gmail.com
Thu May 2 10:11:33 CEST 2013

Hello guys ,

I'm wondering which is the best library available for freepascal that i
could use to generate printable invoices?
Most likely a lot of people need this kind of functionality in their
applications, so ... perhaps there is some obvious choice that someone
could point to me immediately ;)

Some background information:   i'm adapting an existing application for a
new customer.  Previously,
the invoices were simple text files that were sent directly to a matrix
printer (using pre-printed
paper that contained the company logo, the labels, the lines/boxes).

But now i have to find a solution to draw the entire invoice on blank

An important remark: the invoice generator has to be a console program,
because it will be part
of a bigger application that has a text-interface (running on linux).

So far i am aware of :
- lazreport.   To me it's unclear whether this one can be used in a console
- powerpdf , a library for creating pdf files
- libharu,   a c-library that can be used from pascal (mentioned on this
list in an older thread)
- fpgui has a component that would allow pdf creation
Probably there are several other libraries available.

Which one would you recommend to me   (taking into account the API
cleanliness)  ?

Adrian M
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