[fpc-pascal] It is possible to pass command line to pascal

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sun Jun 30 14:26:37 CEST 2013

On 6/29/2013 20:53, Johan Tu Toit wrote:
> On 6/30/13, waldo kitty<wkitty42 at windstream.net>  wrote:
>> FWIW: top posting is like reading a book backwards... please post below
>> existing quotes...


i fixed your quotes and reply...

>> On 6/29/2013 18:59, Johan Tu Toit wrote:
>>> I Tried, but only return an integer not a string value.
>> what were you expecting to see as a result?
> return string

what string? the program executed from within your program doesn't return 
strings... the programs termination code is numeric...

on the other hand, the program executed from within your program may emit some 
text to the screen... this text may be being sent to stdout or stderr or both... 
there are methods of capturing this output... is this what you are asking for?

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