[fpc-pascal] can someone please email me a zipped hello world binary program MIPS big endian for testing on my MIPS hardware?

Dennis Poon dennis at avidsoft.com.hk
Wed Jun 12 16:43:19 CEST 2013

I do know all the previous advices were about MIPS little endian. I have 
modified those to MIPS accordingly and I have 'successfully' compiled 
programs for MIPS by
creating symbolic links for mipseb (for strange reason, the compiler 
insists on mipsed, not mips):

root at debian: /usr/bin   ln -s mips-linux-gnu-ld mipseb-linux-ld
and the same for 'as'

I also tried mipsel and that went ok, but still need to remove '-linux' 
in the name.
Don't know why mips has to be 'renamed' as mipseb.

Anyway, I managed to compile a "hello world" program for MIPS without 
errors. However, when I ran it on my MIPS hardware, it just froze 
without any error message.
I have attached the gzipped hello world program with this. Hope someone 
can kindly run it on their MIPS bigh endian hardware and see if it 
writeln 'hello world'.

the program was just :

program hello;
{$mode objfpc}{$H+}
     writeln('hello world');

Thanks a lot.


> Am 12.06.2013 14:00, schrieb Dennis Poon:
>> Since I have spent days but still cannot produce a helloworld binary 
>> for MIPS big endian, I need someone to to produce that for me so I can
>> test it on my MIPS hardware.
>> I need to know at this stage whether a FPC produced program compiled 
>> for MIPS (big endian) can actually run on my hardware.
>> If that result is negative, I shall need a totally different approach.
> Ehm, you know that in the previous thread about creating a cross 
> compiler it was all about a LITTLE ENDIAN compiler?
> Regards,
> Sven
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