[fpc-pascal] Packaging shared libraries for OSX, recommendations?

Bruce Tulloch pascal at causal.com
Mon Jun 10 09:22:43 CEST 2013

What is the *recommended* way to build and package a shared library for OSX?

Our aim is that ordinary users can "just install it" such that other
applications that depend on the library "just run" (without requiring
authors of those other applications to include a copy of the library in
their bundle or users to fiddle with command line command to configure them
if they don't).

This library facilitates low level I/O. There are no UI or other resources
but it has headers for those who want to build apps against it. If this
were just UNIX we'd put under /usr/lib (and /use/include and perhaps
/usr/share) but doing this this seems to be discouraged when reading the
Apple's developer docs.

We don't want to depend on MacPorts, Fink or Brew etc. Should we be
packaging this as a framework, albeit a simple one? What do Mac users (and
Mac app programmers) prefer or expect when using shared libraries these

Thanks, Bruce.
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