[fpc-pascal] Some general questions - I've been away from fpc for a while

Peter Brooks peter.h.m.brooks at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 12:59:36 CEST 2013

I've been away from fpc for a while, but I'm thinking of using it
because the simulation project that I'm working on looks as if it is
well suited to it. I've looked at python, but the threading doesn't
work. I've looked at Ada, which would be an excellent solution, but I
don't really need it to be that reliable so the type-checking overhead
probably isn't worth the hassle.

I've used Turbo Pascal for a similar simulation in the past (the late
'80s, when the new Borland object orientated compiler had just come
out), and it worked really well.

Are there any good examples of threads working well with fpc?

How well is JSON integrated with fpc - I see that there is a package,
and it supports some reading and writing, but, can you import
instantiate a new object from a JSON schema?

Is there any NoSQL support yet? I'd like to export variably sized JSON
objects into a NoSQL database so that they can be retrieved randomly
by ID (URI really). I say this because there might be some b-tree
software that'll do the job well.

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