[fpc-pascal] Console Encoding in Windows (Local VS. UTF8)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Jul 9 13:37:38 CEST 2013

In our previous episode, Dennis Poon said:
> Please state the windows version you are using. XP or Windows 7? 

In XP there were separate Far East versions of Windows.  In Vista+ this
was wholly integrated and there is only one Vista base system with various
language packs.

It might be that some of the Far East apis were deprecated later, but I
would expect them to run if you configure the backwards compatibility
options on the shortcut.

> I deal with chinese in my programs so I know your problems.  The same
> delphi 5 program works differently on XP and Windows 7.  Looks like
> Windows 7 has removed support for non unicode (I am not sure whether the
> Unicode it uses is UTF8, UTF16 or UTF32).

UTF16 and a bit of UTF8. (e.g. notepad groks utf8 now).

> Seems that all filenames in XP are treated as unicode code.

All NT derived systems are Unicode (UCS2, later UTF16) in the heart. The
whole ansi support is a win32 compatibility layer.

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