[fpc-pascal] Arm Embedded Question

Koenraad Lelong fpascal at brouwerij.homelinux.net
Wed Jan 30 15:09:15 CET 2013

Op 30-01-13 13:38, delphian at smythconsulting.net schreef:
> I've been following the wiki and have successfully created fpc for my
> arm processor ( Cortex M3 - using a LPC 1343 board) ( as per the wiki's
> intructions)
> once i have written my sample program is there anyway to debug it on the
> MCU ? ( ie like doing in Lazarus for win32/64 projects)
> any help would be of much benefit
> Kind Regards
> Justin Smyth

Mostly you debug via gdb. Depending on the board us can use jtag (e.g. 
openocd) or another hardware-interface. Some STM32 boards have an 
ST-link interface.

P.S. what version of fpc did you use (svn-revision) ? I'm asking because 
I'm having troubles with my cross-compilers. At the moment I'm making a 
virtual appliance with fpc 2.6.0 for 386 and some revisions of trunk. I 
made some scripts to compile the crosscompiler.
This way interested people can look into the problems.

And when there is a usable compiler, I can make the appliance to share 
it with interested users.


Koenraad Lelong

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