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> Hi Everyone
> I am just putting together an order for abebooks. They have a million and one 
> Pascal books. I can't decide on which ones to buy.
> Could you let me know what your favourite Pascal books are? -Patrick

The best introductory Turbo Pascal book I've ever read was "Mastering Turbo Pascal 6" from Scott D. Palmer spanish edition, I remember how amazed I was after learning how pointers work, and how fast my apps became after replacing arrays by linked lists, etc. Of course this is a very old book, focused mostly on procedural programming (it has a couple of oop chapter, though).


Another great book I've read was "Mastering Delphi" 5 and 6 from Marco Cantú, they covered every detail of Delphi, from UI, to Services, and also OOP.


Apart from those, I recommend reading not so Pascal specific books, but application design in general, like "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" from Martin Fowler.

Leonardo M. Ramé

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