[fpc-pascal] Interrupts in ARM Embedded

Jeppe Græsdal Johansen jjohan07 at student.aau.dk
Tue Jan 22 12:05:42 CET 2013

Den 21-01-2013 18:51, Juan Duran skrev:
> Hi all,
> I haven't been able to find a clear example on how to program on ARM with
> interrupts. Can somebody post an example? I am specially interested in Systick
> interrupts on LPC1768.
> Thanks in advance
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For peripheral interrupts you'll need to set up the NVIC, but for 
systick(which is a common cortex-m3 core interrupt) something like this 
should work(I am not sure the systick initialization is perfect):

program test;

uses cortexm3;

procedure systick; public name 'SysTick_interrupt';
    // code here

    SysTick.LOAD := 1000;
    SysTick.CTRL := 7; // Enable, Int enable, and source = HCLK

       cpsie if // enable faults and interrupts

    while true do;

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