[fpc-pascal] Use of abstract classes

Paul Ishenin paul.ishenin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:07:27 CET 2013

09.01.13, 20:57, Michael Fuchs wrote:
> Am 08.01.2013 23:43, schrieb Paul Ishenin:
>>> What is the best way for a discussion on this? Should I create a feature
>>> request in bugtracker?
>> First create a desired implementation with a patch.
> I would do it, if I only know where to start. Unfortunately are my
> experiences in compiler programming equal to zero. Is there a document
> how to start? Maybe a architecture diagram?

I started from compiler sources. You need mostly parser part - that 
units start from 'p'. For example object types (objects, classes, 
interfaces, ... too) parsing is located in pdecobj.pas.

Abstract modifier parsing is located in parse_object_options method - 
see for include(.., oo_is_abstract).

Then you need something similar like a warning which is raised when a 
class with abstract members is created. Search where this warning is 
raised. Add something similar but with check for abstract class there. 
But only not for delphi modes.

> BTW: How long does it normally take, until a patch is integrated (or
> declined)? Two month ago I submitted a patch for a bug in SQLite3db. Is
> it better to wait or to inquire?
> Sorry for the dumb questions, this is new territory for me.

If patch from a bug tracker is not noticed just write a mail. Most of 
developers read their mails although not everybody check the bug tracker 
every day.

You will get valuable experience in any case even if your patch is 
rejected ;)

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin

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