[fpc-pascal] Re: fpweb: handling DELETE method as well as GET

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 11:31:39 CET 2013

On 28-2-2013 10:58, Reinier Olislagers wrote:
> Using fpweb, I'm trying to handle DELETE requests.
> The code below works for GET calls:
> GET /cgi-bin/tigercgi/document/ HTTP/1.1" 200
> but gives a 500 server error for DELETE calls:
> DELETE /cgi-bin/tigercgi/document/ HTTP/1.1" 500
> The code doesn't even seem to hit the function:
> AResponse.Contents.Add('<p>Got request method: '+ARequest.Method+'</p>');
> doesn't seem to be hit.
> How should I fix this?
Oh, the Apache error log shows this for for the delete requests:
Premature end of script headers: tigercgi

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