[fpc-pascal] OOP in FreePascal ARM-Embedded

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Wed Feb 27 19:01:25 CET 2013

Objects work fine on ARM embedded, the documentation on this topic might 
be a little thin....

The minimum thing you need to do is to initialize the heap, after you 
have a valid Heapmanager you can use objects out of the box:

program hellofpc;
{$mode objfpc}

   RegisterHeapBlock(pointer($20008000),$1000); //Heap config for STM32F103

Am 27.02.13 09:28, schrieb Juan Duran:
> Hi there,
> Is anybody working on being able to uses classes, methods, etc (OOP) in
> freepascal compiler for ARM embedded platform?
> Cheers
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