[fpc-pascal] pascal compiler for ardurino

Ralf A. Quint FreeDOS at gmx.net
Wed Feb 27 09:58:39 CET 2013

At 12:44 AM 2/27/2013, Marco van de Voort wrote:
>If one is afraid of overhead, I would simply buy the vendor recommended
>compiler. Many of the 3rd party alternatives are less optimal too. At least
>they are with (ds)pic

Well, as far as the micro controller vendors are concerned, those are 
usually C and to some lesser extend, BASIC compiler's only. 
MikroElectronic has a not half bad Pascal compiler (though with quite 
a few bugs and quirks) for AVR and as I mentioned in my last post, 
for a lot of PIC chips, PMP is a quite decent choice if someone wants 
to stick with Pascal instead of using a different programming language.
Not that anything in general is wrong with those C/BASIC options 
available, but it's simply a matter of preference of the basic 
language/tool to use... ;-)

I personally would like to be able to use FPC for some upcoming 
Raspberry Pi projects (which is an ARM v6/ARM11) rather than having 
to use C (though I am using C for +30 years now as well)


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