[fpc-pascal] differences between .pp and .pas files

Ralf A. Quint FreeDOS at gmx.net
Tue Feb 26 04:14:35 CET 2013

At 12:19 PM 2/25/2013, waldo kitty wrote:
>On 2/25/2013 00:34, Eric Kom wrote:
>>Good day,
>>Please what is a difference between .pp and .pas files extension?
>IIRC, pp is objectpascal whereas pas is "general" pascal...

There is no "is", it's all up to you what kind of convention you use.

 From the early days of FreePascal (FPK back then ;-) ), for myself, 
I kept using .pas for anything that compiles with Turbo/Borland 
Pascal and/or Delphi, while I use .pp for things that compiles only 
in FreePascal. That works just fine for all my projects so far, 
including using old BP units for certain things like time math in 
both current Delphi and FreePascal projects...

And the issue with using an external editor with matching syntax 
highlighting, I think any editor that is worth its salt should be 
able to adjust the extensions...


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