[fpc-pascal] What's a unit?

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 17:49:53 CET 2013

Sven Barth wrote:

>> OK, so is it possible to set up a constant extended record (i.e. the
>> work being done entirely at compilation time) that mimics an
>> instantiated object? Would
>> if LibCapShim is TObject then
>> ..
>> be safe where LibCapShim could be either an object (possibly nil) or a
>> constant extended record?
> You could try to overload the "is" operator for your to be defined 
> static record [AFAIK it should work]. E.g.
> === code begin ===
> TLibCapShim = record
>   cap_get_proc: tcap_get_proc;
>   // ...
>   class operator is (aLeft: TLibCapShim; aRight: TClass): Boolean; inline;
> end;
> class operator TLibCapShim.Is(aLeft: TLibCapShim; aRight: TClass): Boolean;
> begin
>   Result := False;
> end;
> === code end ===

Thanks Sven, looks interesting and I'll play with it presently. Can an 
extended record's fields/methods be set up at compilation time, or do 
they need to be done by code?

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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