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Mon Feb 18 09:43:03 CET 2013

Am 18.02.2013 08:32 schrieb "ik" <idokan at gmail.com>:
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> > Google and Sun are multibillion dollar corporations. Their owners
> Sorry but that is bullshit. I'm a freelancer, works alone, with
> minimal budget, yet I find the time to write specifications for my
> clients, documentation, emails, explaining things, checking stuff,
> doing booking, and even cleaning my work space.
> You give excuse to keep the existing problem, but actually there are
> so many open source projects of one or two people developing that
> prove that it can be, it's all up to you.

Could we all please calm down again especially *before* someone decides to
leave the community?

I think or hope that we can all agree that there are different kinds of
- those that like to blog about (in this case) their work on/with Pascal
(like Ido)
- those that would like to blog, but currently lack the time (like me)
- those that do not want to blog (like Florian)

I think this rather normal, because we are all human and every human is
different and no flamewar will change who we are.

So in my opinion it would be the best if we now leave it at that. As
Michael wrote we encourage the community members to spread the news about
Free Pascal.

Ido, I don't know wether your freelancing is your main job (from what I've
read I'd say it is), but you should not forget that for us core developers
FPC is not. We are working on it in our free time besides having a full
time job that might be completely unrelated to programming in Pascal or
some of us are still going to the university (like me).
So the time spent on FPC is already limited which is why we don't normally
spend much time on things like documentation, because we prefer to fix bugs
or enhance the usability of FPC. But we thankfully have someone on our team
that does work on documentation (Michael).

So to bring this mail to an end: if you have critics about the things we
do, you are of course free to bring them up (free speech after all). But on
the one hand this should not be done in the middle of a more or less heated
discussion and on the other hand you should not expect that we'll
completely agree with your critics, because either we don't want or we
can't do things differently.

Thank you for reading.

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