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>>I don't need an IDE to develop Pascal, unlike Java for example, I can use VIM
>>(and actually sometimes do), to develop. A language that must be with IDE
>>sucks big time.
> Whaaat? I don't like java, but don't you know you can use javac command line?, and program in any text editor?.

Try to develop an application/library with Java using using an editor
such as vim, and you will want to kill yourself.
too many files (each class has it's own file), the path where you
place the files is part of the namespace.
ant is not very simple to use, and if you use tools such as spring in
get harder.
it's not simple to detect without reading documentation what are the
exception that are thrown back, and almost every error with java is an

you can't really use java without an ide for normal projects, only for
simple ones, and I speak from experience.

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