[fpc-pascal] OT a bit - Planet Object Pascal

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Sun Feb 17 12:58:18 CET 2013

Am 17.02.2013 10:53, schrieb ik:
> Pascal is only one programming language I use, and only for hobby, not
> for make a living, 

The same applies here.

> and that's partly because of you.

Well and partly you :) I'am pretty sure that some of the developers
would blog about their work if somebody pays them for blogging. But you
don't do so (obviously I understand this), they have to earn their
living by other means.

> You prefer to create new features, but keep it to yourself, and hoping
> that someone will catch-up.

You miss the point. My time for fpc is limited and fixed. If I write
blog entries instead of coding, fpc will evolve slower. If I spent 25%
of all of my fpc time on blogging instead of improving fpc, maybe pascal
would be dead now because no advanced OSS compiler is available and it
would be only my private pet compiler I use to compile my chess programs
and the controll software for our model railway.

> It does not work like this, specially with Pascal.

How do you know so? Developers quickly realize if a tool is no evolving
and all advertisement is only buzz and will quickly use other tools.

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