[fpc-pascal] OT a bit - Planet Object Pascal

Florian Klämpfl florian at freepascal.org
Sun Feb 17 10:43:15 CET 2013

Am 17.02.2013 10:40, schrieb ik:
>     > When I hear stuff like "sure pascal is cool but lack of good string
>     > support", I think that it is more self explanatory then anything.
>     >
>     > At the local open source community I'm a known evangelist for Object
>     > Pascal, and my blog is full of code, text etc, regarding stuff in
>     object
>     > pascal.
>     > Some of the people over here that actually started using FPC/Lazarus
>     > arrived due to my blog posts, so spreading the word is very
>     important imho.
>     It is. But some might code, others might evangelize. What I wanted to
>     say: those who are interested what happens in FPC in detail might follow
>     also the svn rss feed. There is simply no need for the developers to
>     blog about this.
> I disagree on this, but that's ok

As soon as you start working seriously on the compiler, I'll start to
blog ;)

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