[fpc-pascal] Re: Fpc Access Violation if AppConfigDir doesn't exist.

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 11 13:18:20 CET 2013

Am 11.02.2013 13:06, schrieb Giuliano Colla:
> Il 11/02/2013 12:35, Michael Van Canneyt ha scritto:
>> On Mon, 11 Feb 2013, Giuliano Colla wrote:
>>> Il 11/02/2013 09:21, Michael Van Canneyt ha scritto:
>>>> On Mon, 11 Feb 2013, Giuliano Colla wrote:
>>>>> 3) But if also the *path* to the file doesn't yet exist, it just 
>>>>> crashes without rising an exception that the user application can 
>>>>> handle somehow.
>>>> This is incorrect. It does tell you why it fails.
>>>>> This is rather unpleasant, because the path provided by 
>>>>> GetAppConfigXx does usually exist, so you have an application 
>>>>> which 99% of the times works just fine, and 1% of the times 
>>>>> crashes without telling why.
>>>> It tells you *exactly* why it 'crashes':
>>>> home: >./ti
>>>> An unhandled exception occurred at $000000000042AE87:
>>>> EFCreateError: Unable to create file "/tmp/path/to/nothing.txt"
>>>>   $000000000042AE87
>>> This is true only if you invoke the program from command line, which 
>>> is something the end user will never do.
>> That is not the problem of TIniFile, but of the application programmer.
>> TIniFile properly reports any error, as it should, with an exception.
>> It is always up to the application programmer to deal with such cases.
>> That this is sometimes tricky in a GUI application, cannot be helped.
> It can be helped both by reducing the likelihood of the event, as 
> you've done, and by not suggesting to use in that case a try..finally 
> construct in a GUI application, which would mask the errors.
The "try..finally" itself will not mask the error. The error will 
propagate to the next surrounding "try..except" handler (executing the 
code in all finally sections it encounters) and normally this will 
result in a dialog being displayed (if you did not change 
Application.OnException). It could be however that you try to create the 
configuration file when the usage of GUI is no longer possible (I don't 


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