[fpc-pascal] ANN: Firmbox a FPC and Lazarus based project

Helmut Hartl helmut.hartl at firmos.at
Mon Feb 4 23:06:04 CET 2013

Hello Freepascal and Lazarus Community !

Some of you may know us as sponsors of the
freepascal and lazarus community. We provide
hosting, storage and virtual machines
to the projects.

Today I have an exciting announcement to make,
we startet a crowdfunding project on indiegogo.

It's about a combined storage and hypervisor
as a turnkey ready product, which we want to
fully release as open source solution.

We worked for nearly 2 Years on it now.
It's based on SmartOS (Illumos/ former Opensolaris)
and scales up to petabytes of capacity
and to very high IOPS rates. But it's not
only for datacenters as a cloud solution,
we want to bring it to the homes.

The interesting freepascal related part is
that we used freepascal to develop our
web application server and lazarus as
the IDE. The server part is 100%
freepascal code.

Another thing is that as soon as we have
the time to, we will also donate one
of the business systems as new
virtualisation platform for freepascal
and lazarus related projects.

If you are interested in the technical part
or want to get a solution for yourself
we would be very happy if you have a look at:




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