[fpc-pascal] Re: FPC class syntax was extended to support delphi code

Arioch the_Arioch at nm.ru
Fri Feb 1 22:43:38 CET 2013

В письме от Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:50:50 +0400, Andreas Schneider  
<aksdb at gmx.de> сообщал:

Can FPC have default class properties in Delphi mode or even ObjFpc mode?

i probably won't really do it, for my major concern is still Delphi, and  
that makes a special note that "defaul" and "class" are mutually exclusive.

  Pity... i wished to do a light-weight factory (which Delphi class  
references are to an extent). I would have to resort to global procedure,  
but that is less elegant.
  And calling TClassName.a(DataPayload) is awful. TClassName[DataPayload]  
would be neat...

> I think they come in very handy for the Singleton OOP concept. You need  
> to
> have a "factory" that handles the object query/instantiation. If no  
> instance
> is available, it creates a new one (and stores it) and if one is already
> available, it just returns that.
> Naturally that looks better to have TSomeClass.GetInstance() instead of
> GetInstanceOfSomeClass() ...
> Sure, it's possible to do without class methods, but from an OOP  
> viewpoint it
> just looks and feels wrong ;-) (imho)

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