[fpc-pascal] has anyone successfully written an app for iOS using Free Pascal and got it approved by Apple Appstore?

Dennis Poon dennis at avidsoft.com.hk
Fri Aug 30 13:23:18 CEST 2013

I would assumed so because of the existence of Firemonkey for Delphi and 
Xamarin for C#.
I asked this questions because I wrote a FREE (without advertisement) 
app with Free Pascal.
The app was about Acupuncture (Chinese medicine) and was in Chinese 
interface only and I submitted to the Apple App Store and got rejected.

The rejection was was
    - Did not integrate with iOS features.

I was afraid that the scanned the code and discovered that it was 
written in Free Pascal and rejected the app, so I asked the question on 
this e-list.

I also asked Apple to elaborate on the rejection reasons.

Today, I got their reply:
    " Please provide a demo video that presents sufficient function. 
Also, if the app uses web browse feature, it should be rated at 17+."

Frankly, I was unhappy and I replied:

"It is a FREE App without advertisement or anything. I don't get any 
reward from this app. I am mere contributing my time and effort and bore 
the Developer License fee of USD100 and yet it seems like I am put in 
court and required to produce evidence to prove that my volunteer app is 
good enough for your app Store. No wonder there are many categories in 
which Android has Free (or paid) apps but IOS does not. "


Michael Schnell wrote:
> AFAIK, the current Delphi XE can do "native code" apps for iOS (while 
> the next release is supposed to be able to do apps for Android, as well),
> I don't see why other native code apps should be banned.
> -Michael
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